.........WARRAM stands for love of the trade, experience, beauty, quality, service and great prices. Since 1990, we have been making attractive stained glass panels, both with and without stained images. Our name stands for stunning sand-etched and engraved products. The unique sparkle and prismatic effect of light in polished and faceted glass or glass worked in other ways, such as fragmented or scalloped glass, will surprise you.

Our glass products have an irresistible attraction for lovers of fine things.


Our many contacts have shown that a lot of people would like to carry their love of glass over into lending a hand in working the glass. We have now created the option to do just that in our courses for amateur glassworkers. In these courses, we help the hobbyist discover glass working.


Our own product development is always leading to new applications for glass. Our modern machine park can perform all basic glasswork techniques with extreme precision. We are continually improving our creative and technical abilities and this has given us a reputation as innovators far and wide.


In our business activities, we focus on professionals, project-based clients and private sales.

We can also supply glass companies and door and window retailers.


WARRAM’s continued growth is particularly meaningful to us because alongside our own promotion, advertising by word of mouth has brought us many satisfied customers.


We would like to invite you to our showroom to discuss the feasibility and possibilities of your ideas, concepts or even your own design. We promise you our full cooperation so that you, too, will wholeheartedly agree:


“WARRAM makes beautiful things out of glass


Warry & Margie